Steve Harvey is perhaps one of the busiest men in Hollywood, with numerous projects under his belt. He first started as a stand-up comedian but later ventured into other projects, such as hosting the famous American game show Family Feud and creating his own entertainment company.

Aside from his quick wit and deep booming voice, Steve Harvey’s most distinct feature is his shaved head. Yes, while most people would consider their locks their best feature, this comedian-turned-game show host-turned businessman has chosen to shave it all off – and keep it that way.

Find out why and what he thinks about the matter in the article below.

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Going Bald: Why He Chose It

Of course, the famous TV show host and comedian hasn’t always sported the clean-shaven look. In fact, back when he started as a stand-up comedian in the 80s, he actually had a full head of hair.

It was such an integral part of his look that he supposedly went through four haircuts weekly just to keep his wild locks under control. In addition, he admitted to even bringing a personal barber with him wherever he went just so he could keep it how he wanted it. 


So, why did he choose to abandon his beloved hairstyle and choose to rock the bald look?

Well, according to the man himself, keeping his signature look was incredibly time-consuming; it took an hour to complete every day – an hour he could’ve spent on other things. Because of this, he eventually decided that enough was enough and that he was better off with it gone.

So, on one Christmas Eve, Steve took a razor and shaved everything off while his family went shopping. This happened back before he celebrated his 50th birthday. 

What Going Bald Did for Him

In a world where most people treat their hair as something valuable, using various products to keep its top-notch condition, such as hair masks and products, what Steve Harvey did was nothing but amazing.

After shaving his head, Steve Harvey claimed he felt freer and more like himself, seeing the whole thing as a personal transformation and reinvention of himself. 

He also said that he saw the transformation as a spiritual journey that allowed him to get rid of his old self and start anew.

Steve’s Advice for Balding Men

On a 2019 episode of his talk show, Steve, he even advised men to accept the change as it happens. He said that it wasn’t something that they should fight and that its disappearance is a fact they need to accept. 

This advice was directed towards those who, according to him, don’t know when it’s time to just accept it. He even stated that it was futile fighting against it because you just can’t win.


The famous TV presenter ran over some jokes about the matter, stating that if their barbers start charging them less for a haircut, then it might be time to re-evaluate things.

Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. Some would prefer to undergo hair loss treatment options just to keep their locks intact. In fact, some would even go far as having a hair transplant just so they wouldn’t have to go bald.

Benefits of Sporting the Bald Look

Still, while it’s indeed unfortunate when you start losing your crowning glory, there are some upsides to just accepting it when it happens.

For one, you no longer need to pay for haircuts or expensive hair loss treatment. You can even ditch the hair mask and products you use to style your hair or keep it in top shape. In addition, you no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars every year on shampoo. 


Aside from this, some even see bald men as someone who’s intelligent, honest, and influential. So, yes, contrary to popular belief, going bald doesn’t really make you less of a man. In fact, it can even make you appear more so. Still not convinced? 

Well, aside from Steve Harvey, some of the most notable men rocking the bald look in Hollywood include figures like Vin Diesel, The Rock, and Bruce Willis. You can hardly consider them as being not “manly” enough due to the bald look.

Bald and Proud

So, before you go online and book a consultation for a hair transplant, why not take a page from Steve Harvey’s book and just go with what nature has intended?

Just take a look at Steve! Doesn’t he seem happier now that he doesn’t have to worry about how his hair looks?


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