Love is truly in the air as two of the superstar coaches of The Voice are planning to get married this summer. Planning a wedding is no simple task, and Gwen Stefani has some things in mind that she wants for her wedding. Despite having no clear date yet, the couple has said that they will have a summer wedding. More details below.

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The Wedding Planning

Blake Shelton leaves all of the wedding planning to his fiancé, Gwen Stefani. According to Blake, the wedding would be far better off if Gwen plans the whole thing. For example, Blake said that if he were to plan for the food, then everything would be fried, such as chicken tenders, French fries, and the like. He further stated that if he were to control any aspect of the wedding, it would be classless. With Gwen on the reins, we can be sure to expect a classy wedding.

However, despite Gwen taking control of the whole wedding plan, Blake also said that Gwen has been very sensitive and always tries to involve him in the plans. Gwen even stated multiple times that she does not want to hoard all the control of the wedding, but Blake insisted and said that with Gwen planning the whole thing, it would be classy.


Blake also pointed out that the wedding dress is not the only thing that Gwen is planning. Even his clothes for formal events are chosen by Gwen. The wedding certainly wouldn’t be any different. Even in his job as one of the coaches in The Voice, Blake isn’t the one who chooses what he wears. He has a female assistant for that. 

Gwen planning his clothes for the wedding isn’t new to Blake at all. It is just the way things are. Blake jokingly stated that he could only choose what he wears when he answers a FaceTime call, and he will only be wearing a cap and a shirt.  

The Proposal

Blake proposed to Gwen last year at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma. Gwen had no idea about the proposal. Blake had already asked for permission from Gwen’s father two weeks prior. Blake also asked Gwen’s children if they approve of the marriage. He got a resounding yes. 

Blake asked Gwen to open the cabinet to get the fire starter when they were in the ranch, and the luxury wedding ring was there. Everyone was in shock when they saw the diamond ring, and Gwen said yes. According to the chief merchandising officer Katie Zimmerman of the Blue Niles jewellery company, the engagement ring has about 8 to 10 carats and a value of an estimated 800,000 dollars. 

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Gwen was interviewed for the upcoming wedding. She says that she is really happy and surprised. They have been in a relationship for five years, and several people were already asking where their relationship is heading to. Now that they are engaged, Gwen is really happy and is looking forward to the wedding.


What She Wants

Gwen wanted a somewhat private wedding with only a few people present. According to Gwen, it will only be her mother and father and a few other family members. She prefers a rather intimate wedding. We can expect the wedding to be small. 

For the wedding, Gwen stated that she would prefer a wedding wherein the guests and the celebrants will not be wearing masks. However, even if they cut down the guest to family only, Gwen says that with the pandemic still around, it is almost impossible. 

In an interview on the Today show just this March, Shelton told Hoda Kotb that they want to have their wedding this summer. Gwen and Blake are afraid that if they wait until November, then they might be too busy again because of The Voice. 


Although it is still a tentative date, both Gwen and Shelton want the wedding to be held this summer, even with the pandemic still around. This marriage of two superstars in singing has drawn many other superstars who offered to perform during the festivities. 

The lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and superstar Miley Cyrus both volunteered to perform. Despite that, it is still unclear whether these superstars will perform as Gwen wants a rather intimate wedding with family members present only. This is the most awaited wedding of two superstars in the music industry. Regardless of when and how the wedding will be, it is almost sure that it will be a classy wedding and an event to be remembered.


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