While some celebrities are big on creating NFTs, others have gone the investing route, and others have decided to do both. As many term NFTs to be the future of the digital art enterprise, the industry is set to see art in a new and unique light.

With big names in the game ranging from investors to entrepreneurs and models, NFTs are worth a shot. These investors are making a fortune by venturing into the digital industry.

What Are NFTs?


Snoop Dogg

The American rapper invested in NFT, releasing his first collection in March 2021. He was operating under a pseudonym in Twitter that was big on collecting NFTs, now to the equivalent of $17 million or more. Advising Twitter users on how to make money with crypto, Snoop Dogg also sold one piece that earned him $100,000.

Mark Cuban

Sharing his NFTs on his social bios, Cuban believes NFT will affect the entertainment industry on a large scale. The multibillionaire entrepreneur is showcasing his NFTs in an online gallery. Creating a website that will bring a lot of attention to NFTs, Cuban stated that it received thousands of visitors even on its beta form.

To gain access to the site, one needs to sign up with an email address and a crypto wallet.


Lindsay Lohan

American singer and actress Lindsay Lohan appreciates how NFTs has enabled content creators to own their work and profit from it. Game developers and artists can now receive compensation for their money and efforts.


The American rapper has invested in the NFT market by buying NFTs specifically from OpenSea. Buying under the name Shady Holdings, the popular rapper and record producer bought 15 NFTs. Since Eminem loved to collect baseball cards, toys, and comic books, he says NFTs have helped bring his collections to a similar place. The recreation of the past things helps him, and others appreciate their childhoods.


DJ Steve Aoki

Combining NFT pieces with physical copies, DJ Aoki made more than $4 million. With a strong belief in the staying power of digital art, Aoki has had two partnerships. The first one was with director and visual artist Antonio Tudisco to produce “Dream Catcher.” The second one was with Tom Bileus, that launched “Neon Future.”

As an avid collector, Aoki loves how NFTs appreciate the entertainment industry while enhancing the collecting culture and merging of art.

Leo Messi

Coming up with “Messiverse”, the legendary footballer Leo Messi flexed his muscles in the NFT world. On the first day of releasing his collection, Messi raked in a cool $3.4 million displaying his stardom. His pieces include “The King Piece”, “Man from the Future,” and “Worth the Weight,” among others.

BossLogic designed the footballer’s collection.


Paris Hilton

One of the celebs that cannot hide their enthusiasm about NFTs is an influencer and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton. Collaborating with designer Blake Kathryn for her NFTs collection line, Hilton came up with 141 pieces that earned her a little over a million dollars.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes collaborated with Genies to create virtual wearables that included necklaces, earrings, vests, and a guitar. The Canadian musician was not left behind as he made about a million dollars within 10 minutes. The proceeds were donated to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants.


Kate Moss

Kate Moss embraced the NFT eruption by sharing a video of her sleeping. Titled “Sleeping with Kate” the NFT earned the model $17,000 that she donated to Gurls Talk, a non-profit organization.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk decided to sell an NFT that is a song about NFTs. The American billionaire shared his NFT creation on his Twitter account.

Investing in NFTs is one way of making money and keeping digital art alive. Though some investors like Eminem were collectors since childhood, others love what NFTs represent and what they mean for creators and artists.

The fact that now content creators can produce art and get compensated for it is the reason why many people and not only celebs are venturing into the NFT business.


Celebrities are embracing NFTs as they capitalize and appreciate items that otherwise would not have a platform to be shared. The digital art industry is ensuring that people all over the world can pay and appreciate the work of other artists.

On the same note, the blockchain-based asset is taking the world by storm, and soon enough, more celebrities will join the bandwagon and embrace what the digital industry has to offer.


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