On May 7, 2021, Jessie James Decker shared on Instagram that she has recently treated herself with a new set of breasts that made her feel like she’s a brand new woman. 

Decker, who is currently 33 years old, is the wife of former NFL player Eric Decker. The couple has 3 children together– Viviane, Eric, and Forrest. She is also a country singer and the CEO of the swimsuit brand, Kittenish.


Decker’s social media account is flooded with a lot of body positivity posts. She generally uses her platform to empathize with moms who are experiencing significant bodily changes after giving birth and providing them with positive and encouraging messages. She also shows that it is possible to be a mommy but still be appealing at the same time. 

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Why Did She Decide to Get a Breast Augmentation Procedure? 

In 2020, Decker shared a photo of herself pinching the flesh on her stomach along with a caption talking about how she feels about her body image. She shared that she has some insecurities, especially when she wears swimsuits because she has a lot of loose skin due to her pregnancies. 

Decker also admitted to having a couple of breast reduction surgeries and lifts a couple of years ago. She said that she did this because, at some point, she had too much loose skin after her breast grew to size g while breastfeeding. However, the surgeries have given her intense scars around the cleavage area, making her more insecure. There were even times when she tried to cover these up. 


The post was generally her empathizing with other moms. She shared that she knows that many moms also have a hard time dealing with their personal image. Although pregnancy might be a beautiful thing, it changes your body a lot and may leave you with loose skin that can make you feel insecure. She even admitted that she sometimes questions whether her husband still considers her appealing. 

Subsequently, she shared on May 7, 2021, that she has actually had a breast augmentation surgery done. The decision came after she and her husband Eric had decided that they are done having babies. She felt like now is the right time to have her big and perky boobs back, just like when she didn’t have kids. 

At the end of her caption, Decker noted that she feels great about the procedure results, and they made her feel like she’s a “brand new” woman, especially when she was trying on some of her company’s new line of swimwear. 


Decker also expressed that plastic surgery may not be for everyone, but it was the right decision for her. She also told her followers that they should do whatever it is that they want to do with their bodies as long as it makes them confident and appealing. 

The Public Reaction

Decker’s Instagram post about her recent news was welcomed with plenty of positive and encouraging comments. Many appreciated her for managing realistic expectations of her followers, who are young women and girls. Others also said that there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as it makes you feel better about your own body. 

However, several accounts have warned her about the physical and mental side effects that are associated with breast implants. 


Other Celebrity Moms Sharing their Body Enhancement Procedure

Decker is not the only high-profile mom who recently opened up about their body enhancement surgery. These moms also did: 

Madison LeCroy

In February 2021, Madison LeCroy, a star of the “Southern Charm,” shared an Instagram post revealing her breast augmentation results. 

In that post, she shared that she felt less confident in her own skin after giving birth to a 10 lbs. baby over 8 years ago. She also encouraged women to not feel ashamed in doing things that will make them feel more confident and love themselves. 


Jana Kramer

Another star who has confidently opened up about her upcoming breast implant surgery is Jana Singe. The country star said that her previous pregnancies had given her a new set of insecurities about her body. Things didn’t go back to how things used to be, so she has decided to go for the surgery. 

The Increasing Interest in Body Enhancement Procedures Amidst the Pandemic

A recent survey of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on 1000 women showed an increasing interest in plastic surgery. 

In addition, the survey also revealed that facial work and tummy tuck are among the topmost sought-after treatments in 2021. This is highly associated with the rising Zoom culture and quarantine weight gain. 

A psychotherapist named Bethany Marshall said that Decker’s reveal challenges the old fashion societal views of women. She notes that Decker’s post shares a message that women can be mothers and, at the same time, still be beautiful.


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