In 2018, Kelly Osbourne, 36, had gastric sleeve surgery. The reality star said she was very happy with her decision to go through this weight loss procedure. Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing more than half of the stomach so that the remainder of the stomach has the shape of a tube or a sleeve.

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The Reason Why She Decided to Do the Procedure

She said that she felt much better after losing 85 lbs through the help of the surgery, and she has been putting in a lot of effort. She decided to have the surgery when she got sober and started gaining weight in 2017. She went through a physical and mental health shift. In the podcast “Hollywood Raw,” she said that she did not care what anyone had to say about her surgery. It is the best thing she had done, so she added that she would not lie about going through that. She pointed out that this procedure entails changing lifestyle completely. 


Therefore, it is not all about having a weight loss program to keep off the weight. She added that one can still gain weight if one does not exercise or have a proper diet. The surgery, she said, is more of a guidance. She advised that you need to think thoroughly if you consider having the same weight loss surgery. 

Her Experience

The process was not overnight. According to her, she had to do a stand-alone therapy for 1 year to prepare herself for the surgery. She had to push herself towards the right way. The surgery does not resolve all the problems, and it is not an instant fix.

Kelly mentioned that she needed to work on her mental health first to make her weight loss program successful. What she prioritized was making herself happy. She thought that she needed to fix her mind before she could fix her body. 


She also said that this is not something you should do if you do not have the proper mindset. Kelly started by quitting alcohol which she considers one of the best things she has ever done. 

Osbourne said that this weight loss journey is something she did for herself and has continued working on. She tried to understand if she wanted to stay in the industry she is in and if she could indeed lose weight. Then, she realized she wanted to continue. Though it was long, she did it for herself. Now, she is here, and everyone is taking notice of her. 

The Public Opinion

Nevertheless, people did not see the changes right away. They mostly mentioned that her face became thinner. That has to do with the pain relief injection in her jaw for her TMJ, which is a very common jaw bone issue. This procedure made Kelly’s jaw look thinner. Shortly after people started noticing that she indeed lost weight. 

She added that she could not believe the attention she got after she posted on Instagram showing her weight loss. She shared that after waking up one day, she saw herself all over websites and newspapers. She also received a lot of messages and was asked out 7 times in a single day. Nevertheless, she explained that she rejected all of them. 


Now that she succeeded in losing weight, she said that she would not pay attention to the people who ignored her when she was heavier. She said that her weight loss made her hate Hollywood very much. When she was heavy, she said she felt invisible. No one wanted to work with her, and no one cared about her. 

She said that she would be happy to work with people who accept her at any size and mentioned that she had kept these things in mind, and the best revenge for her is remembering what was said about her.

Kelly reveals that her vegan diet did not only help her with weight loss but also in remaining sober. Kelly also does intermittent fasting. She explains that she was able to pass the time during the quarantine thanks to her new passion for fitness and exercise routine. For the longest time, she said that this had been her happiest and healthiest state, and her surgery helped her start this journey. 


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