In a world saturated with so many different performers, few can ever come close to being as versatile and charming as the multi-talented Lady Gaga. Over the years, she has tackled as many different styles of expressing herself as she could, both in the way she sings and the way she dresses. Her albums range from pop to jazz and even country, while her iconic clothing leaves a lasting impression. As you can guess, an artist such as herself is bound to have a very interesting kind of taste in cars, and we are about to show you a few of them.

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The Ford Bronco is the first on our list

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This stylish truck that’s missing a roof has been seen driving Gaga around Los Angeles. Shortly after she got her license she jumped into the seat of this open vehicle. You may be surprised to know that a brand new 2021 model doesn’t necessarily cross the $30,000 mark, but the star’s truck is an older semi-restored pastel blue version that matches her bright personality. Whenever she is seen driving around family members and friends, she always looks like she is having a blast doing it.


In addition to the cutesy blue Bronco, Gaga can also be viewed in a more seriously painted black bronco featured in her Perfect Illusion music video, where she drives frantically across the desert landscape.

The brightly coloured Ford F-150 SVT Lightning she got pulled over in

Some time ago, the Ford-loving superstar was seen being pulled over in one of these stunning red trucks by the police, in Malibu. Although many speculated that she must have done something wrong, and there were even some allegations of driving under the influence, Gaga just isn’t that kind of person. It seems she would prefer to take it slow and enjoy the ride as she drives this $34,000 deceptively strong truck, which carries a monstrous 380 hp under the bonnet. In the end, it turned out that the whole situation was caused by a simple issue with her license plate and everybody calmed down.

This Chevy proves that her style is superior to the rest

Arguably the most unique entry on this list, this Chevrolet El Camino will make anyone who sees it want to have one. Especially since it is customized to cater to the eccentric star’s taste. The wheels have been replaced by a bigger set, the badge has been removed from the design, and its slick new black coating mesmerizes you. All of these changes make it look like something straight out of a movie, which may explain why it was featured in her album Joanne.

A brand new Chevy can be expected to cost around $30,000, but when you factor in the modifications you can expect it to cost a bit more than that.


She took her garage to the next level with the Huracán

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The co-star of A star is Born has an appreciation for the oldies and the more simple vehicles, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take advantage of her fortune and buy a $200,000 Lamborghini supercar. When compared to the other cars in the list, this speed demon is something that would seem more normal for a celebrity of this magnitude. After all, almost every famous star buys one of these when they make it big, and Gaga is not an exception. She was seen using the black Huracán in Houston when she was there for the Super Bowl Half-time event in 2017, and it was awesome. 


In 2020, Lady Gaga partnered with Lamborghini to help raise money for charity, so they can help those affected the most by the pandemic that swept the nation. The supercar manufacturer decided to donate the Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD that served as one of the centrepieces for Lady Gaga’s “911” music video to the star’s non-profit organization that she named, the Born This Way Foundation. As a result, the car ended up being the grand prize of the sweepstake that was created for the charity. More importantly, the charity raised $330,800 to help relieve those who were the most unfortunate.

Although Gaga has made more than enough money to buy anything she would ever want, she likes to give back to the public, and sometimes that comes in the form of a supercar!

And when she wants to go fast but keep a lower profile….

…she hops into her silver Audi R8. The supercar hype doesn’t end with the Lambo since there are more than one speed machines in this garage. You can’t call it as awe-inspiring as the previous entry, but make no mistake, the R8 is an impressive piece of engineering. Sadly, its V10, 500+ hp engine and top speed of 196 mph seem to be wasted in the streets of Los Angeles, and we have never seen Lady Gaga show us an accurate demonstration of what the beast can really do. On second thought, it’s probably for the best that she likes to drive in a safer manner.


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