Jennifer Lopez is no stranger when it comes to the ups and downs relationships can bring, especially when we are talking about ones that are extremely high profile in nature. The actress, singer, and dancer, often referred to as “the triple threat” due to her distinctions in all three fields, as well as businesswoman, has long been the subject of the media’s attention in regards to her love life.   

She has been in numerous relationships with mostly public figures that have resulted in three separate marriages who all ended up in a divorce, sadly. 

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She was first married to Ojani Noa


Her first try at marriage was with Ojani Noa, but it could not be called the perfect union for numerous reasons. Noa’s job when they first met was to be a waiter, not the most impressive occupation, but the Cuban’s charm was enough to make Lopez interested. The two ended up getting married in 1997. Sadly, the marriage was doomed from the beginning and, less than a year later, the two went their separate ways after a bad breakup. 

That was not the last of their involvement with each other though, as Noa was hired by Lopez in 2002 with the goal of managing her newly opened restaurant.  Needless to say, hiring your ex, who you are on bad terms with, to manage your restaurant was a bad idea that culminated in a lawsuit for breach of contract. In the end, the two agreed on a settlement where Noa was prohibited from speaking about his ex-wife to the media ever again.


Noa still made attempts to break their confidentiality agreement and published his experiences with Lopez in a book and even went as far as to threaten to release tapes documenting their experiences in bed, leading to even more legal battles. Lopez fought hard to prevent this and she ended up winning in court. This was truly a disastrous marriage.

Later on, she married dancer Cris Judd


Although the second marriage to dancer Cris Judd also failed, it was at the very least less problematic for her to deal with. The two were married from 2001 to 2002, during the time when she and Noa were business partners. Judd and Lopez claimed that the reason they couldn’t make things work was “irreconcilable differences”. 


Her ex-husband has gone on to say that their marriage always felt like a circus due to the overwhelming media attention they were always receiving. Even so, he claims the reason for their separation had nothing to do with the high-profile nature of their marriage, stating “You kind of have to take it, accept it and embrace it. Once you stop fighting it, it smoothes itself over. If you try to keep that privacy, it drives you nuts and that’s why people break.” No matter what happened, at least it didn’t go as bad as the star’s first marriage.

Then, Marc Anthony came into the picture


Finally, we reach Marc Anthony and the third marriage. This one came after the breakup of her most famous relationship with Ben Affleck, which was her “first real heartbreak”, as she said. Lopez has shared her thoughts on how her previous love may have played a role into how she got together with the salsa artist, and how it could have been an attempt to “find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hour”; she has also described it as a “bandage on the cut” instead of a permanent solution to her heartache. 

The two megastars got together in 2004 and got married in June. By 2008, their twins, Max and Emme, were brought into the world and everything was looking to be great for the family. Sadly, as we already know, in the end, it was strike three for Lopez, and the two split in 2011. Some say it was doomed from the start since Anthony was a rebound after Ben Affleck who stole the star’s heart first. 


During their time together, Jennifer felt as if she couldn’t love herself and that as time went by, they kept drifting further and further apart. At some point, Marc explicitly told her that he was no longer happy and that something needed to change as their personal lives were being torn to pieces. The actress knew it was bound to fail as they did not love each other anymore, and their kids were starting to notice something was wrong.

Yes, there was indeed one happy outcome from their time together, as the couple shares twins that they both love dearly. Max and Emme, their son and daughter, turn 13 this year and they live with their mother although their father tries to make time to be with them despite his busy career. 

Not all hope is lost

It would seem that Jennifer Lopez can’t catch a break and that she is doomed to forever be in talks with lawyers regarding divorce papers. However, her fans have some hope left to hold on to after she was recently seen with her ex-love, Ben Affleck, now that both of them are going through their most recent splits. Maybe, this could reignite the Bennifer spark that they once lost and lead to a happy ending for the Triple Threat’s love life. 


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