When there is anything to do with the famous Kardashian family or even one of the clan members, you know it has to be exciting. The spotlight is usually on the reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her husband, the Grammy-award-winning rapper Kanye West. The 43-year-old Kanye West has often expressed his passion for real estate in interviews.

Although some people believe he bluffs, his slowly growing portfolio of lands tells a different story. His wife Kim Kardashian seems to have taken after her partner, although she too flipped many properties already. Nevertheless, of the various possessions, the celebrity couple’s Hidden Hills home in California has some amusing details to savour. Let’s check out unique nooks and corners to experience how their home looks.

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The All-white Theme

It is not unusual for celebrities to undertake a home remodeling project as soon as they move into a new one. If you take a visual tour of Kardashian-West house through photos or videos, you come across wholly renovated pristine white interiors featuring stark walls, flooring, and furniture. The very first appearance of it makes you feel as if you are in an aesthetic church.


However, their peaceful abode is more than a religion. The plain white background stands for silence, cosmic energy, and positivity. On entering the entryway with a circular center table in white, an authentic minimalist design, you would soon know what it has in store.

Even in the hallway, you mostly see white textured walls, pale hardwood floors, and nothing else, setting the tone for expectations. Still, it could be too early to assume anything.

The Ultra-modern Kitchen 

As the home’s heart, the kitchen seems to have got the most deserving home renovation touch. The hardwood floors and pale wood cabinets give a certain sleekness. The couple made sure that their home shouldn’t need baby-proofing later on, thus, they opted for kitchen furniture with round edges from the beginning.


Then, the massive walk-in fridges are also nothing short of a visual treat. But what can be most amusing is the level of neatness in this busy room. No one can miss it! The same thing you can say about their well-categorized pantry. 

The Mysterious Bathroom

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West’s palatial mansion worth $60 million can be an inspiration for bringing together the elements of luxury, starkness, and modern vibe under one roof. 

You must check out the double sinkless surface in their bathroom to believe it. It is arguably the most ambitious feature of this place. The slightly sloped counter has a slot to allow the water to drain down quickly, even after high pressure. It doesn’t cause splashing if you were wondering. But that cannot be the only surprising element in a Kardashian’s den.


After the minimalist sink design, you also get to witness a spotless or open shower, a gray soaking tub in the bathroom. All these features in a bathroom in green surroundings may appear just too much to be true. However, when it comes to a Kardashian, you cannot dismiss anything so quickly.

The Closet

It can be a sin to pass over Kim’s closet, one of the hottest corners of the home. The spacious room fitted with racks and shelves give a detailed view of her wardrobe. From clothes to shoes and purses, the place seems to be brimming with endless options. One of the walls in the room has various shoe racks, with different types of boots, unique slides, and fashionable sneakers on display. 


Coffee Corner and Breakfast Corner

Another home remodeling wonder in the star couple’s headquarters are these nooks. The circular floating stone coffee table accompanied by plush white chairs and an open fire can instantly grab your attention. The simple and minimalist décor lends it tons of tranquillity. On the other hand, their breakfast corner looks quite busy with a massive circular center table in pale wood. 

Well, the 15,000 square feet celeb home in the suburbs of Hidden Hills in Los Angeles is a pure white architectural brilliance from top to bottom. The only exception in the house is the couple’s daughter, North, room. In the background of pink monochrome, there are many delicate details to admire, such as the butterfly design on the wall behind the bed. It is a gem of a structure. 

Since Kardashian and West’s marriage ended, this property probably will be a big issue in the settlement agreement, because , sources reveal that the land around the house belongs to Kim while the house is Kanye’s asset. 


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