When you look at the multitalented Kate Hudson, who manages to combine acting, writing, managing a successful business, and motherhood all into one, you can’t help but wonder how one person can do that while still looking so good. One glance at her and you can tell that she takes very good care of her body. 

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It really seems as if she has it all figured out if the fact that she has even written a book named, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body is any indication. Hudson wants to share with us in detail how she does it, by revealing the concept of the 4 pillars in her book. 


The pillars being: Pillar 1: Cultivate an intimate friendship with your body, Pillar 2: Eat well, Pillar 3: Awaken your body, Pillar 4: The Miracle of mindfulness. 

The main idea to remember from the book is that you must stay true to yourself and set realistic goals, all while not falling into the traps of the media that is so eager to show you unrealistic body transformations of stars left, right, and center. Being mindful of what you eat and how much you train is a must, while it all gets tied together by cultivating an overall good appreciation for your body and health.

Hudson, much like all the other bombshell actors of Hollywood, are being asked the same questions about their bodies over and over. She believes that answering those questions at press conferences never produces an adequate answer, as the media is always looking for something short and catchy whereas true fitness is a long and complicated process.

She has the Strength to Ignore Societal Pressures 

The 42-year-old actress has a pretty strong character, and she isn’t afraid to deviate from the norm if she deems it necessary. Giving in to peer pressure, or trying to fit in as just another brick in the wall are big no-noes for this celebrity. Marching to the beat of her own drum is how she stays true to herself and focuses on what matters, which is feeling good, no matter how you want to get to that point. This is the true growth mindset of somebody who has it figured out and avoids trying to cater to others’ opinions.


In the past, she has told SELF, “We’ve been programmed to feel like we’re under this great obligation as women to look and be a certain way. And that’s not our fault. That’s what culture and society have gifted us as women… thank you, but no thank you.”


Hudson is a Huge Fan of Pilates

This is her go-to kind of exercise. On SELF, Hudson has stated “I love Pilates, that’s always what I will do, and I know it’s boring but it really is the foundation of everything that I do… I believe in traditional Pilates because I think that our bodies need to be aligned, and what that does for your body is what makes it so strong.”

She is also a big fan of taking walks as a form of physical exercise and is even known to dance from time to time. Picking a physical hobby that you like, and even attending fitness classes is a must for those who want to start looking good; it comes with the added benefit of making you feel good as well. 

If being around other sweaty people isn’t your cup of tea, then it might be a good idea to look into creating a home gym, where you’ll be able to work out in the private confines of your house. This is great for beginners who are still a little shy about showing their bodies to the world; in no time, you’ll be turning heads at the beach. 

Another Super Important Tip she has to give is to Cook your Own Food

We totally agree on this one too. Not only is home cooking incredibly fun once you get started, but it can also have huge health benefits for you and your family. Sadly, modern-day living involves a lot of takeout for most of us, and even some restaurant visits for when we want to treat ourselves, which leaves us to the mercy of others who choose what goes into our food. 

Food stores often abuse stuff like salt and sugar to ensure you like what you are buying, at the expense of your overall health. To counter this, try figuring out what spices can be used to replace the traditional additives you add to your food, without compromising the flavor. 


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