In an Instagram post published by his new girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, the Justice League actor was seen spending his special day with his loved one, as they enjoyed a wonderful view of a city landscape, nestled in each other’s embrace. 

The post was captioned with a “Happiest of birthdays to my birthday boy” by Viscuso herself.

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The two have been secretive

Sneak peeks into the pair’s relationship have been scarce so far, with the two of them choosing to avoid the limelight when it comes to matters concerning their love for each other. Not much is known about the couple yet.


What we do know is that the two have been together for a month now, and it seems like their relationship is moving along smoothly if their rare Instagram posts are any indication. Initially, it was first revealed they were romantically involved on April 10th when both of them posted the same picture on Instagram of themselves facing off in an intense duel of chess.

Funnily, the pair had opposing views on how the game was going. In his post, Cavill said, “This is me looking quietly confident shortly before my beautiful and brilliant love, Natalie, destroys me at chess”, indicating a grim outlook about his chances. However, Viscuso appeared reluctant to admit victory on her own post of the picture which wrote, “Just teaching my dear Henry how to play some chess…. Or…. Maybe he let me win?”


Men and women were disappointed by the news

The actor, who has always been talked about for his stunning looks and charm, managed to break thousands of hearts from a big part of his female audience with the news that he was no longer in the market for someone to take. Fans on Instagram had mixed opinions about the news, with some proposing that, perhaps, this is all a PR stunt on their part, although there was no explanation as to why that would be the case; maybe they just couldn’t accept that he was taken.

In the past, Cavill has expressed his desire for a serious, intimate, and long-lasting relationship. When asked to share some wisdom to young men on how they should navigate through the world of dating; he said, “Stop looking for temporary flings, and instead look for someone who can make you the best version of yourself you can be. That’s what’s going to make you as happy as possible.”

Could it be that he has now found that special person who pushes him to become the best version of himself? If so, how exactly did the two first connect?

Viscuso’s job as the vice president of television and digital studios over at Legendary Entertainment may be the answer behind this question. For those of you who are unaware, Legendary Entertainment is one of the names you will find behind a lot of your favorite movies. More specifically, their name can be found attached to the movies Man of Steel (2013) and Enola Holmes (2020), which both feature the one and only, Henry Cavill. Perhaps they could not suppress the romance that was flourishing in the workplace forever, leading to their eventual relationship.


How do they feel about the reactions the have received?

Whatever the spark that kick-started their romantic connection was, it is certain that the two have a good thing going so far, and that we will be waiting in anticipation for any more glimpses into their private life that the two may choose to share with us. Maybe, we can even expect an expensive engagement ring to be in their future, along with a grand ceremony. Although the actor is clearly trying to avoid sharing too much information about his love life on the internet, what he does share is most definitely welcome.  

However, it is worth noting that Henry Cavill has recently expressed his wishes for people who are spreading speculations regarding his personal and professional life to be careful not to express feelings of “disdain and displeasure”; this was revealed to us on his personal Instagram account. Although he says that he appreciates those who are passionate and supportive of whatever the star is up to at any time, he would like for things to calm down and not be filled with so many negative emotions. We can expect that when the actor feels like he is ready to share more information with us, he will do so and respect his wishes for a more positive environment on the internet.


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