NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) projects have become a darling among celebrities who want to flex their creativity in the digital space. Celebrities are cashing in on this craze, ranging from actors models to musicians and show hosts. It is the new strategy for making money.

The high proceeds are meant for personal gain, or some go to charitable donations to help various institutions with their missions. 

NFTs are virtual assets that represent natural objects like music, videos, and art. They show the rightful owner of virtual products hence curbing theft of digitally created pieces. They can be sold but not exchanged. 


Eminem’s first collection, “Shady Con” embraces of his love for collectibles since he was young. Even though he didn’t have a way of sharing them in the past, he can now share them through NFTs on Nifty Gateway. His collection includes one-of-a-kind tracks, digital action figures, and characters from his videos.  

The rapper, producer, and songwriter earned $1.8 million. 


Snoop Dogg 

“A Journey with the Dogg” is the famous rapper’s first NFT collection released in late March 2021. He states that his collection reminds his younger self and how technology has evolved from analog to digital. He embraces the digital world to connect with his fans on a broader platform. 

With one-piece earning him $100,000, the rapper’s introduction of his pieces lasted only 48 hours, with a total of eight items. Some of the pieces include “Snoop Doge Coins”, “NFT,” and “Diamond Joint.”


Paris Hilton

Collaborating with Blake Kathryn, Hilton came up with 141 collectibles including three creative designs titled “Iconic Crypto Queen,” “Hummingbird in My Metaverse, “Legend of Love”. The whole collection raked in more than 1 million dollars. After the sale, the heiress and entrepreneur introduced two pets named after the crypto craze: Crypto Queen and Ether Reum. 



Showcasing her digital pieces on Nifty Gateway, Grimes is one musician who embraces digital technology to the maximum. Her collection “WarNymph” propelled her to the top of the bestselling creators of NFT pieces. 

With creations that had thousands of copies while others had few unique pieces, the musician made $6 million with the highest piece, “Death of the Old” going for $389,000.  

Emily Ratajkowski


Models were not left behind, including Emily Ratajkowski who is all for empowerment. The model was a participant in Richard Princes’ 2014 “New Portraits” series, where the artist took a photo of the model. Later on the popular model and her boyfriend bought the image for a cool $81000. 

To produce a cryptography item, the model took a photo in front of the Instagram photo and created an NFT titled “Buying Myself Back”. She states that NFTs are useful in freshly communicating ideas. She made $140,000 with her sales. 

Lindsay Lohan

American singer and actress Lindsay Lohan created an NFT from the first single of the year “Lullaby”. The electronic song, a collaboration with DJ Manual Riva was auctioned for about $85,000 on FansForever social marketplace.

The actress also sold an NFT of the now broken-up Daft Punk for $15,000. She predicts that NFTs hold the future of entertainment. 


Shawn Mendes

Big on helping young activists with big visions, Shawn Mendes collaborated with Genies to produce never seen before wearables after the latter recorded success with digital art. The virtual wearables include vests, necklaces, earrings, and a guitar.

The CEO of Genies, Akash Nigam shared that Mendes made about a million dollars in under 10 minutes. His proceeds went to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants. 


Tony Hawk

Sports celebrities like skateboarder Tony Hawk decided to test the NFT digital art space. Creating an NFT that compares his first and last 540-degree Ollie skills 32 years apart. The first Ollie that Hawk did was in 1989.

Even though there are no estimates of how much the NFTs will cost or how editions he will produce, the legendary skateboarder will earn a tidy sum. 

Ellen DeGeneres

On top of making people laugh, the comedienne show host decided to join the NFT digital art craze world. DeGeneres decided to explain NFTs in a clip and shared a simple cat drawing during her show. As a first NFT sale, opened for 24 hours, DeGeneres made $33, 495.

She donated the proceeds to a food-relief organization, the World Central Kitchen. 


Final Thoughts

Since NFTs create the uniqueness of sharing things or ideas you would otherwise not share, they might have a large effect on the entertainment industry. These celebrities have just shown that it is the beginning of the digital art embrace, and more is yet to come. 

Without the limitation of who can use and create NFTs, everybody can join the bandwagon while the above celebrities show you how it is done. 


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