In 2018, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden and record producer husband Chris Hughes took off to the islands of Maldives for a luxurious, romantic honeymoon after celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

Amanda Holden, a British actress and a media personality, has been the judge of Britain’s Got Talent since 2007. Husband, Chris Hughes, on the other hand, is a British record producer and is Amanda’s second husband.

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Amanda paid a sweet tribute to her husband with a message, saying “Life has thrown us some challenges, but we have loved and laughed each other through them! Here’s to the next chapter #unbreakable. Love you, darling.”


Details of their trip

The couple has been together for 15 years, met in 2003 but only started dating in 2004. They decided to take their second honeymoon in the stunning and pristine paradise of the Maldives to relax and enjoy their time together.

The Maldives is famous as the most sought-after honeymoon destination for celebrities and high-profiles alike. It is one of the most go-to getaways for the rich and the famous because it’s a tropical paradise that pampers them with their much-needed luxury and privacy.


The well-traveled couple stayed in Lux resort, a five-star beachfront hotel with overwater private villas and beachfront rooms.

The mum of two is known for her honest feedback and comments and her authentic personality, and oh my, her social media followers were not disappointed. 

Upon arriving at their beachfront hotel, she posted a photo of her incredibly toned and gorgeous body on the infinity pool of their beachfront hotel giving us #travelgoals envy. Adding the #breathe #theplacetobeMaldives, #secondhoneymoon #Love  to the delight of her almost 2 million Instagram followers.

With the Maldives’ blue sky, pristine waters, and beautiful scenery, she describes the place as a complete paradise in another great photo where she is seen sitting in a hammock in her yellow one-piece bikini, leaning on a tree in the middle of the ocean.

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Her husband is way more secretive than her

Although Amanda is an extrovert and is happy to share some personal stuff in the limelight, her husband Chris is a private person. Both have kept their marriage life mostly private and away from the prying eyes. 

In an interview, she admitted that much to her husband’s dismay, she has the tendency to confess everything about their life in some newspaper or on Twitter by accident because in her own words “she is chatty”.

As self-confessed hopeless romantic and someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, Amanda is well aware that most people know about her life. Still, there are things that are still personal that she refuses to broadcast.

However, this did not stop this mum of two from sharing some juicy details on her private life. She did share some insights on her and her hubby’s bedroom activities.

The fire is still going strong

It’s no secret that their chemistry is palpable. Amanda made it no secret and shared that Chris awakens an inside “primal thing” in her, describing her shy hubby as an amazing kisser.

On to the envy-worthy bikini photos in the Maldives, she keeps her body in top shape by having her daily morning runs, boxing, yoga, and a Viking method training with her personal trainer. She is also a vegetarian and an advocate of healthy eating.

Amanda saluted her husband in her autobiography entitled No Holden Back with a heartfelt message saying: “I catch myself looking at you every day and loving you a little bit more. How is that even possible?!”


Well, for sure, a romantic honeymoon getaway in the Maldives is one sweet little adventure for the couple to keep their love and passion burning.

In the same year, both husband and wife have also visited other dream destinations including Portugal, Marrakech, Dubai, and Ibiza.