You heard well- this may indeed be happening. Get ready to delve into all the details we know about the high-profile couple that sets fire to the media with their every move. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may be back together for good this time, or not…

The two, commonly known as Bennifer together, have been one of the most high-profile celebrity couples to ever grace the earth. Back when they got together in 2002, a time before online dating had taken over the scene, the couple became one of the first ones to receive widespread media attention, thus setting the bar for what was to come in the following decades.

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Though they were only together for 2 years, we know that it was a very serious relationship for the both of them that shaped their futures. Lopez has even called it her “first real heartbreak”. Nowadays, US dating sites have streamlined the process of finding a partner, but apps can’t give you the kind of old school relationship these two had.


They couldn’t stay away from each other

The couple’s story was rekindled in April, when Page Six reported that the caped crusader’s actor was seen entering the Los Angeles house of his ex-love multiple times, further fueling the rumors that wanted them to be together. Insiders spilled the details that he would be picked up by Lopez’ security away from the house and then brought over to avoid raising suspicions, but they would insist that it was purely platonic at the time.

Sure, friends hang out at each other’s home from time to time, but when 2 ex-sweethearts hang out shortly after they both go through their respective splits with their former partners, you start to wonder if there’s something more there. 

A romantic getaway

Further fuelling the fire, multiple sources come out with information that the two took a week-long vacation to Montana in May. One source, in particular, had this to say:  “They really care for each other and they picked up right where they left off, Jennifer spent several days with Ben out of town, they have a strong connection. It’s all been quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy.” Following their exciting trip to Montana, reports trickle in, claiming that now it’s Jennifer who is visiting her ex-fiancé and that she spent May partly in Los Angeles.

It’s currently June, and the latest news about Bennifer is that the two are seriously considering their future together. As People’s insider reports, “they will continue to travel back and forth between Los Angeles and Miami. They are very happy together.” and also “This is not a casual relationship. They are taking it seriously and want it to be long-lasting.”


Keep in mind that the couple and their spokespeople have not come out with an official statement regarding the situation. It’s more than fair to say that virtually everyone believes that they are back together, and it really looks that way, but the two seem to want their relationship, whatever it is, to remain under wraps for a bit longer. 

How will things work out?

A key player in how things will unfold maybe their children from different partners. With Jennifer having two and Ben three, it may be difficult for the couple to make things work out unless they give special attention to how they introduce each other, so making sure that all of them are comfortable with the change will be of critical importance.


Moreover, the distance also plays a role in the equation. With one living in Miami and the other situated in Los Angeles, being together will be hard unless they find a place to move into. How they are going to do that with their families is anyone’s guess at this point. 

Regardless of what difficulties they may face, it’s safe to say that the two seem happy for now, and that’s all that matters. Surely, we are bound to receive more information in the following months that will set the internet on fire.


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