Among the celebrities of the world, there are a few who stand on top when it comes to having impressive bodies, be it a musclebound physique, a tall structure, or a curvy figure. And among those elites, Kim Kardashian’s curvy body takes the top, but it doesn’t get like that without a lot of work being done. In an interview with Women’s Health, her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, reveals the brutal workouts Kim K has to endure most days of the week to sustain and improve her impressive physique.

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Kim works closely with her trainer

In her interview with People, Alcantara states that the two hit it off instantly, and the bodybuilding sensation moved to Los Angeles so she could work closely with the star. Kim’s motivation was to strengthen her body and feel even better in it, and she was already pretty positive about her body image to begin with. Her bodybuilder trainer had this to say: “She didn’t want to be skinny. She wanted to have muscle and feel strong. And she wanted to find something she could do for the rest of her life. I totally understood where she was coming from.”

She always trains hard

So how does one even begin to train like a Kardashian? First of all, the most important thing when you want to work on your body is to remain consistent throughout your training regimen. Take a look at the reality star for inspiration; she reportedly trains a whopping 6 days a week, and when she does train, she goes hard to make sure she sees some progress the next day. The number 6 seems to be a recurring theme in Kim’s training schedule, as she begins her workouts at 6 a.m, or else she wouldn’t have time with her busy schedule. Her workouts are often segmented into different muscle groups, like chest, back, arms, and most importantly the legs and glutes. 


By now, everyone knows that the celebrity’s lower body has practically become a star in its own right. Of course, such a feature doesn’t come overnight and Alcantara has shared the details behind their lower body training, which consists of 2-3 out of 6 total workouts a week. “When it comes to booty and legs, we usually work out for an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes” she said to Women’s Health while also stressing the importance of resting and letting the muscles repair themselves.

“The legs are a large muscle group and need extra time to recover and rest in between sets. Otherwise you won’t be able to get as many reps in the next round.” 

Your eating habits are half the battle

It’s not just about going hard in the gym, going hard in the kitchen is just as important. On E!, Kim has described her diet plan as ruthlessly strict, but good for her overall health. Healthy cooked foods are in, while anything that has been heavily processed is out. In addition, she must keep an eye on the nutrients she is taking, and make sure she gets enough carbs, protein, and healthy fats, while not going overboard with each category.

Her trainer is not above raiding the celebrity’s pantry to see what kind of foods she has stored up. If those foods are not conducive to a fit and healthy lifestyle, then they are out of the picture once the bodybuilder finds them As you can see, Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer plays a big role in the star’s fitness journey.


Alcantara herself, along with Kim’s sheer will and determination, are the reasons behind her body’s glow-up as of late. Personal trainer services have risen in popularity over the years, and now there are more companies that deal with fitness than before. Looking at who offers what may be a good way to start your own fitness journey.

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