The popular and multitalented Kelly Ripa, fan favorite actress, dancer, producer and TV personality, shocked the public with a brand new tattoo she got on May 7th, and the reason behind the new body art will make you go ‘aww’…

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The host of the aptly named show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” decided she would celebrate her 25th anniversary of being married to her husband, Mark Consuelos, by decorating her body with a permanent marking – quite romantic if you ask us. Ripa, who is no stranger to tattoos and has gotten 3 more in the past, went to a tattoo parlor and asked to get “5.1.96” showing on her elbow as a way to pay tribute to her 25 year-long marriage. 

The new tattoo was first shared with the rest of the world on the celebrity’s personal Instagram account when she posted a story of it, also featuring a new manicure. It seems like she treated herself well on that day. 

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The two were very happy

The actual anniversary came on the first of May, when the happy spouse shared another post to celebrate her marriage. In that one, there was a collage of numerous photos from different romantic moments they had shared together, like their wedding day. Along the picture, the post wrote, “Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life @instasuelos in the blink of an eye. Because when you know, you know. Thank you for all of the dreams you made reality. ♥♥♥♥♥ (wedding, 5,10,15,20……..#25) #silver”. 

As for her husband, it was business as usual for Mr. Consuelos, who religiously comments on every single post his beloved wife shares. He said, “thank you for saying yes” in response, and paired it with a lot of heart emojis. But that’s not where Mark’s romantic gestures stopped, as it was revealed that he also took the time to do something special for his spouse, who he gifted an album that had 25 of their best moments together framed inside.

In addition, the smooth Riverdale actor wrote this, “Happy 25th Anniversary. If I were to write a book of our story, these are the 25 places that could have their own chapter. All of these places mean so much to me — and hopefully to you too. Love, Mark,”


Kelly Ripa has had more stuff inked on her body, but she regrets half of them

We mentioned before that the famous host has a couple more tattoos on her, so here’s what we know about them.

She always shows off the one she got on her wrist. In 2011, Kelly Ripa decided that she would showcase her love for her husband by getting his surname, Consuelos, tattooed on her wrist in a cool font. The design itself is quite small, as is her wrist, but it fits in quite well. This is one that she doesn’t regret.

On the other hand, she regrets getting a tattoo of a random flower once, just because her driver’s suggestion to do so seemed like a good idea at the moment; you can definitely call her spontaneous in some regards. The tattoo has since been removed, as Kelly called it “a symbol of stupidity”.

One of the first tattoos she ever got, is also the most mysterious one. The star revealed in an interview with Ellen that, in the past, she made the terrible decision to go and get something inked on her back. However, she wasn’t ready to reveal to the world what that something was exactly, despite many being curious and wanting to see it. It seems like Ripa is quite embarrassed of this one, and will never show it to the world. That just makes us even more curious. 


Think twice before getting one yourself

Tattoo removal is always an option for those of you who have made the same mistakes as the celebrity in the past, but be warned because it is neither cheap nor easy. The tattoo removal laser hurts quite a bit and serves as a painful reminder of your past mistakes. Perhaps you should consider getting something like a henna tattoo first, which is temporary and, should you change your mind, you can just let it fade out. Maybe you can start off with a hardcore lightning tattoo…. Or not, if that’s not your style.


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