Best known for her roles as Viola de Lesseps in Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Pepper Potts in Ironman (2008), Gwyneth Paltrow has gained her popularity by being on the big screen, but her appearances have decreased over the years. Instead, she now focusses more on becoming a successful businesswoman and making her project, Goop, grow. Over the years, she has gotten involved in more than a fair share of controversies regarding her business ventures

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What exactly is goop?

  Well, the only certain thing about the company is that it has faced a lot of criticism over the years for the kind of marketing tactics it uses. Officially, it is described as a “wellness and lifestyle” brand, which had its humble beginnings as a health advice service with a weekly email newsletter, but it has gone on to start an e-commerce site, a podcast, a Netflix series and many more projects.

  Over the years, goop has made many claims about its health products that have been accused of being misleading, based in pseudoscience, and false advertisements. In the past, influential health professionals ranging from doctors to even the head of the National Health Service of England, Sir Simon Stevens, have slammed the brand for the health risks it promotes and the misinformation it spreads.

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Products from the company, such as the so-called ‘psychic vampire repellent’ and ‘jade eggs’ have been the object of criticism for their outrageous claims that they can improve your health, and some have even been accused of being dangerous for humans. Goop and Gwyneth Paltrow maintain that every product goes through extensive testing and research to make sure that it’s safe for use, and that their claims are within reason. 


  You may be wondering how an actress and businesswoman ends up taking an interest in cryptocurrencies. In her personal twitter account, she tweeted a link to an article posted on the goop website that discussed the alternative currency and promoted a company called Abra. 

The company in question offers an application that allows its users to invest and transfer money across the globe, and it also supports the use of blockchain-based currencies. In the article shared by Paltrow, the app is made to seem like the next big thing that will revolutionize payments around the world, and cites three examples of its efficacies.

Firstly, it claims to be able to eliminate remittance fees that waste up to 15% of money transferred worldwide. Secondly, it can open the door for new types of investments to flourish and expose investors to foreign stocks in an easier manner. Lastly, the article proposes a new way of leasing electronic home appliances, such as washing machines and televisions, in developing markets through the use of Bitcoin. 

It is worth mentioning that the Hollywood star has been acting as an advisor to Abra for a while now, so some users felt the need to point out that the article was prone to having a biased stance towards the cryptocurrency app. Moreover, they criticized the fact that certain comments on the original tweet had been removed by the tweet author, accusing Paltrow of trying to control the narrative, but she hasn’t made any statements regarding that.

What does the future look like for cryptocurrencies?

  Whether you are excited about the prospects of these novel ways of making payments, or are a firm believer that their volatile nature will be a detriment to their success, it’s certain that they have shaken thing up in the environment and have made people look at alternative forms of currencies, an element that will play a role into how the future develops. Some have chosen to put their hard-earned money into investing in them, while others are still too reluctant to do so.

Nobody can be quite sure what course crypto is going to take, but so far many seem to believe in its value and they could be rewarded handsomely for that. Our only advice is to give whatever decision you take regarding the subject a lot of thought first, and then act.