With the rise of people working remotely, cloud services are also accelerating day by day. Cloud computing is becoming popular and important for organizations. As it is getting popular, it comes with a hazard of being hacked. There have been many high-profile incidents of cloud hoppers performing cloud-centric hacks. The cloud hack is emerging rapidly and troubling every individual making cloud cybersecurity service a necessity. 


How Do Cloud Hackers Hack?


In the case of an operational cloud hack, a hopper proceeds by performing a sequence of sustainable attacks against any service provider, through their clients. Cloud hackers generally use tempered emails to compromise accounts, and when they succeed  to access the service provider’s cloud, they use the same infrastructure of the cloud to hop from one target to another. This gives access to some of the most sensitive data and information of the customers to the hackers.

Some Common Objectives Behind Hacking:

Objectives of breaching cybersecurity may vary according to the hooper. But some of the most common reasons are:

  • Extortion and asking the victim for compensation for not disclosing his data in public.
  • Fame and popularity. Hackers achieve tags of getting such confidential information when they ridicule their victim.

Some Celebs Whose Cloud Has Been Hacked By Cloud Hackers:

Cyberattack is not just a cybersecurity attack but also an attack on ones’ privacy. Nowadays, cyber-attacks have left no one safe, and celebrities are no exception to this infringement. Unfortunately, celebrity’s data and personal information works as an epicenter for the hackers, as it is considered more valuable than the information of general public, making celebrities a prominent target of cloud hackers

  • Posting Naughty Pictures of Famous Actors and Singers: “Fappening Case”: 
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In 2014 the case named Fappening case or celeb gate took place. It included the extensive leakage of intimate photographs of some popular celebrities. To breach the cybersecurity by iCloud, the cloud hackers used a script developed in python known as a brute.


It is a type of brute force attack, and the images were anonymously published through several platforms. The attack has ultimately become a massive one, although it lasted for only a couple of days it affected approximately three hundred million users of iCloud, including some popular celebrities like Christian Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Jill Scott, and Kaley Cuoco.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Password Hack:  

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has suffered a hacking attack on his identity at his social networks as he was using the same password for various social networking sites. He was hacked on his Twitter and Pinterest accounts in 2012. The cloud hackers managed to extract 117 million passwords from the LinkedIn professional networking site. Among these passwords, there was Zuckerberg’s password, as he had the same password for his other accounts too. 


The cloud hackers also managed to post a message in Mark Zuckerberg’s name, testing his security level, and this message was tweeted from Zuckerberg’s Twitter handle. They also changed the name of the Pinterest account to ‘Hacked by our mine team.’

  • Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Instagram Case:
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Instagram reported a bug, allowing hackers to access E mail addresses and phone numbers of users, which led to hacked information of 6 million users and celebrities. Selena Gomez was one of the victims of this hack. The famous singer had more than 125 million followers, but was forced to close her account after disclosing some images (nude) taken with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. 

In addition to this, some other celebrities who were victims of this cloud cybersecurity hack are Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Harry styles Victoria Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emilia Clarke, David Beckham, and Floyd Mayweather.

  • Priyanka Chopra Personal Data Hacked:  
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The large US-based media and entertainment law firm, GSM law, has suffered a cloud cybersecurity attack that involved the Revil malware. The hack affected Priyanka Chopra by getting access to her data, including contracts, nondisclosure agreements, mobile numbers, and emails. The cloud hackers have stolen approx 756GB of data.

Other affected celebrities of this hack are Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Jessica Simpson, Naomi Campbell, Robert de Niro, Christina Aguilera, Sofia Vergara, etc.



Cloud hacking is one of the major cybersecurity concerns and makes it clear that nobody is safe in this world when internet connectivity is so readily available. If someone’s cloud data is hacked, not only his private data or sensitive information are at risk, but it might also lead to transferring the accessibility and control of their cloud environment into the hands of cloud hackers. So, it would be advised to upgrade your cloud cybersecurity to prevent such types of breach of data and cybersecurity issues.


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